Our History

Roleplaying in South East London Since 1999

Founding Members

The Hobbits Hole was founded back in 1999 when a regular group of role-players from the South East London Wargames Group (SELWG) decided to setup their own club dedicated to Roleplaying Games. Carol aka "The Hobbit" found our first venue, the Ringway Centre, in Grove Park and the The Hobbit's Hole was formed.

For a few years the Hobbits Hole ran several games each Friday night at the Ringway centre, usually 2 or 3 games at once each night. Games such as Palladium Fantasy, Alternity, Steve Jackson's GURPS and many other home brewed systems created by club members.

The centre was great and we continued to grow in numbers as new people joined by word of mouth and soon realisd that we had outgrown the venue and needed somewhere larger. Linda, another founding member, found a replacement hall in the Coldharbour Community Hall, and in 2003 we moved and we've been here ever since.

To Adventure and Beyond

The club has continued to grow, at our peak we've had 26 regular members with 4 full games running each night, making for a very busy and active Friday night.

Over the years many of the club members have become firm friends, and as a result the club hosts a few social events throughout the year such as our Hobbits Hole Annual Christmas Drink Up (HHACDUP) which usually occurs in a local pub or restaurant in the run up to the festive season.

2013 saw us put on our first International Tabletop Day in support of Wil Wheaton's Popular YouTube Channel and it's mantra of "Play more Games!". We also make visits to UK Gaming Cons, in particular supporting the London based gaming events such as DRAGONMEET, SALUTE and SELWG.

In the past members have hosted their own events such as Summer BBQs, Pub Crawls, Zombie Flash Mobs and Birthdays and Weddings to name just a few. 

hhweddingA Hobbits Hole Wedding
Slide2Hobbits Hole at Dragonmeet

What to Expect on a Friday Night at Hobbits Hole

We aim to run at least 3 full tables of RPGs each night and have space for 2 additional tables.  It is not uncommon to see boardgames and tabletop wargaming taking place at the same time as RPGs, as our members have a wide range of gaming interests.  We even have a small contingent of members who regularly spend their weekends getting involved with LARP (Live Action Role Play) events such as DROPZONE.

Members pay an attendance fee of £1 each night which helps us meet the venue rental costs and pays towards maintaining Club Equipment such as our Gaming Mats, Miniatures and a small collection of Rulebooks. 

Visitors and Guests to the club are always welcome and there is no charge.

Interested in Joining?

If you wish to join our club we operate a trial membership system lasting for 4 weeks, during which we will get you involved in as many RPG games as possible, so we can get to know you better and you get to know us.  We are always on the lookout for new members who can attend regularly and help us to keep our ideas and adventures fresh and interesting.  

If you think our club is the right place for you, please visit our Contact Us Form and let us know a little bit about yourself and when you'd like to visit so we can arrange a spot in a game for you.  

We always get back in touch and we don't bite.

hhmembersWe can't wait to meet you

Martin Hoare & The Manic Trophy Tournament

MartinArtworkSmallMartin "Manic" Hoare

Sadly on the 15th November 2005, we lost one of our much loved original members from the Ringway Centre days, Martin "Manic" Hoare, who passed away after a long illness, aged a mere 36.

In memory of his contributon to our club, we decided to hold an annual known as The Manic Martin Memorial Trophy Tournament. The format and substance of each tournament is devised by the previous years winner, this means it is totally different each year and full of spontanaety (Much like Martin himself).

In the intervening years we've had some epic games from D&D Minatures battles, Maze and Labyrinth, Necromunda, Jousting Tournaments, and epic Star Trek space battles. You can check out our rogues gallery featuring all of the Manic Trophy Winners.

Slide7 Star Fleet Battles at the 2013 Manic Trophy

Manic Trophy Tournament Winners

2014: David Martin
Trio of games devised by Apo Sarandidis, Richard Cunningham & Tony Brotherton

David came out solidly on top in the standings this year becoming the first double winner of the trophy. Securing the win with 1st place in both Apo's Zombie Survival game and Richard's Necromunda and a 2nd place finish in Dude's 2.5D Dungeon Crawl. Bridesmaid prize went to Paul Stebles who yet again finished in the runner up spot.

2013: Apostolous Sarandidis
Starfleet Battle game devised by Simon Hibbs

Apo Sarandidis won this epic tabletop spaceship battle in a convincing manner after Tony Brotherton and Richard Cunningham both surrendered their vessels to his (in stunning displays of cowardice hitherto unseen at Hobbits Hole). 

Honourable mention goes to Paul Stebles who was a valiant runner up

2012: Simon Hibbs
Knights Tournament games devised by Andy Wright

Andy put on a stunning game this year which involved a series of challenges such as the design your own heraldry game, Jousting and Melee combat and some Nintendo Wii based archery.

2011: Andy Wright
Dungeon Crawl devised by Bel Potter

Andy won Bel's homebrew dungeon crawl

2010: Belinda Potter
Necromunda Gang War devised by Richard Cunningham

Congratulations for 2010 went to Bel who won Richard's Necromunda Gang War game. With a knockout competition format, two teams of three people battled it out against each other in a game of reverse capture the flag. The final culminated in a three way free for all as Bel's gangers killed with precision and a last final berserker charge.

2009: Richard Cunningham
Dungeon Crawl game Devised by David Martin

Richard won David's epic homebrew dungeon crawl with custom photograph playing pieces.    

2008: David Martin
D&D Miniatures Arena of Death devised by Mark Hamilton

David won the day in 2008 during Mark's D&D Miniatures Arena game.

2007: Mark Hamilton
Innaugural Boardgame Eliminator devised by Tony Brotherton

Mark Hamilton won the innaugural event, consisting of a three elimination rounds of boardgames, in dramatic circumstances in a DICE OFF!!

Some of the games played were; Ticket to Ride, Citadels, Mission Red Planet with the final game being Sceptre of Zavandor.